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Since his early childhood music has always been DJ Camran’s passion. At Ten, he and his friend Donovan took apart his mother’s Riviera tape-recorder/radio which ( NB *it was older than his eldest brother) they used to set up a little sound system. From there he and his friend moved on to bigger things, taking apart the only TV set in the building. The tubes and other components from the TV were used to make an amplifier to which they connected a stolen Walkman cassette player. The sounds emanating from these self-built instruments helped to cement DJ Camran’s interest in producing and promoting his native sounds.

His professional music career started in 1989 when he began DJing on Prince Thunder Sound. Right after showing up on the music scene with PTS, he started performing at parties and weddings in the area. Moving fast in his music career, it was no surprise when DJ Camran started producing.

With the successful production of several singles over the years, DJ Camran opened Bonfire Inc Ltd, the Premier Booking Agency/Artist Management/Publicist/Production company, in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2002. Under Bonfire Inc Ltd he has produced two compilation albums, “Freedom” in 2004 and “Ital Stew” in 2007 along with numerous singles. As a promoter, DJ Camran and Bonfire Inc Ltd, help artists who have already built a name for themselves as well he promotes many otherwise unknown artists to take the spotlight. A multitalented individual, DJ Camran is also an accomplished lyricist, having his verses recorded by some prominent artists.

DJ Camran started his radio career as one of the pioneer DJs on Zionhighness Radio in 2007. He lent his outstanding DJing skills to Tunitup Radio where he helped establish that radio station. He moved from Tunitup to become one of the pioneer DJs on Reggae Matic Radio in November 2011.

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DJ Maximus (Mark A Hart) was born Feburary 3, 1976 in Second City in Jamaica call Montego Bay at the Cornwall Regional Hospital. He attended Cornialdi Avenue Primary School then passing his common entrance exams, was able to attend one of the best high schools in Montego Bay, Cornwall College. He attended Cornwall College for 5 years in which time he developed himself into a mature young man. Mark was the captain of the school track and field team and a member of the chess team. After completing high school Mark became assistant coach of the school’s track and field team for one year until he moved on to work for Cable & Wireless Jamaica. It was while working at the phone company he linked up with his good friend from high school, DJ Camran (Hensley Cameron). Mark and Hensley continue to be great friends, brothers for life!!!

Mark now lives in the USA where he is chef at both the Pearl Restaurant in Wellfleet and the Ember Restaurant in Harwich. In his off time he thrills the RMR listeners with his musical selections on THE MAXIMUM VYBZ SHOW!!!

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